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Mus121 2.2.2011 - o Ritomellos present memorable themes usu...

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Mus121 (2.2.2011) Baroque Concerto : emerged in early 18c as first standardized genre of specifically orchestral music. Basic Idea: Interplay (“friendly competition”) of contrasting elements. Concertato (concerted) style. Two standard scorings: - Concerto gross: concertino vs. tutti - Solo concerto: solo instrument vs. tutti In solo concerto: - 3 mvmts, F-S-F - Fast mvmts. Inritomello form: R a R b R c… - “Division of Labor” between tutti; ® and solos:
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Unformatted text preview: o Ritomellos present memorable themes, usu. o Begin and end in same key. UNITY o Solos present virtuoso passagework and modulate. VARIETY. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto no. 2 Bach learned from Vivaldi. Bs concertos distinctive because of:-Highly polyphonic texture.-Emphasis on Sonorous Variety.-Formal flexibility.-Economy (what you hear 1 st is crucial!)....
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