Mus121 2.11.2011 - -Subject designed to be memorable and...

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Mus121 (2/4/2011) Baroque Keyboard genres: Improvisatory: toccata (“touch piece”), - Fantasia (could be anything) - Prelude (something played before something else; e.g. prelude and fugue) - Chorale prelude – based on chorale tune, played before congregation sings the chorale. J.S. Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier - 2 books, each with 24 prelude and fugues in all keys chromatic scale, major and minor. In Bach’s WTC, preludes are either: - Figuration pieces ( ~ toccatas) - Contrapuntal pieces (imitative polyphony) - Arioso pieces. One or two ideas worked out thoroughly w/ no padding. Prelude in C minor is________ ? Genres in Imitative Polyphony: ricecar, fantasia, FUGUE - A melodic subject (or 2 or 3) is worked out in imitative polyphony for 2-6 “voices”. - Begins w/an exposition subject and answer.
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Unformatted text preview: -Subject designed to be memorable and easily recognized.-Episodes may occur between expositions.-Pedal points mark important cadential arrivals. Baroque Suite :-3+movements in same key, based on forms & rhythmic patterns of dances. Standard core dances include;-Allemande – duple time, moderate tempo, serious character.-Courante/corrente – triple time, brisk tempo-Sarabande – triple time, slow & serious.-Gigue – compound meter (e.g. 6/8, 12/8) fast and energetic. Suit may begin w/prelude, may include 1+ optional dances before gigue. Goal: pleasing variety of meters, tempos, expressive characters Depending on scoring, suite could be called:-Chamber sonata-Overture (for orchestra)-Partila (for solo instrument w/out accpt)...
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Mus121 2.11.2011 - -Subject designed to be memorable and...

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