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Mus121 (2/14/2011) Recapitulation : Restores home key by: - Returning to 1 st theme (in tonic) - Restating in tonic everything the exposition presented in secondary key (2d key area through close). Transition will be either shorter (to avoid modulation) or much longer (to create impression of instability w/out modulating). 18c Symphony: Chief genre of public concert music in Classic era (cf. concerto during Baroque). -Early centers of symphonic composition: Milan (1730s), Mannheim (from 1740s) &
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Unformatted text preview: Vienna.- Ancestors: Baroque concerto & sinfonia ( Overtures to Italian Operas), 3 mvmts. F-S-F.-Gradual evolution from lightweight concert opener to “serious stuff”.-- Joseph Haydn hired by Esterhazy family; 1766.-Kapellmeister, Har work, ceaseless experimtn. Reputation spread thru “bootleg” publications.-1780’s: “Paris” symphonies: 1790’s....
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