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Mus121 2.18.2011 - • Subjects from everyday life •...

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Mus121 (2.18.2011) 18c Opera Opera seria (Italian serious opera) Continues from Baroque era Performed in Italian, no matter what the subject or language of audience. Subjects drawn from Greek and Roman antiquity Strong emphasis on vocal display. Comic Opera: Different styles emerge in each country during 18c (e.g., opera buffa, Singspiel) Performed in language of audience
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Unformatted text preview: • Subjects from everyday life • Vocal display as parody. Mozart writes in 3 styles: Opera seria to liberttos by Metastasio Singspiel (incl. Magic Flute) Opera buff to liberttos by L. da Ponte. • Marriage of Figaro (1786), based on French play by Beaumarchais. • Don Giovanni • Cosi fan tutte....
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