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BM Final Paper (Business Plan) 4.6.2011 Notes: 13-15, 20, 24 on list do NOT have to be done. Idea: musician database/collective (those looking for singers, guitarists, other skillsets needed, etc.) Specific to UM. - Start with UM and branch out afterward. Needs of Artists: Wanting to become a part of a band Studio time with other artists Website: - Students required to provide UM email - “Likened to a dating site”. Suggestions for process: - Become a student organization. (helps with backing from UM,
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Unformatted text preview: -Come up with a succession plan (what happens when we graduate, move-on, etc.) Meg, Meg.e.mccluskey@gmail- 703-899-5872 Khory, [email protected] – 734-620-8108 Mike, 616-328-7439 Trent, [email protected] - 231-620-6007 Emmet, [email protected] - 517-449-3352 Joe, [email protected] - 517-763-3040 Wonwoo, [email protected] , - 734.972.3159 Experience, accounting, internal policies, references,...
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