BM Project - Part 1 The musical work I have chosen to...

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Part 1 The musical work I have chosen to analyze in terms if its future success, though already released, is “Lions, Tigers and Bears” by Jazmine Sullivan. This song is one of the many songs featured on her debut album entitled Fearless , which was released in September of 2008. It graced the radio for the first time in November of 2008 but was not officially released to radio at large as an official single until the following month of December. As the third single of the album I believe it was used as a single in order to show another side of Jazmine in terms of her versatility in style of music. Jazmine Sullivan wrote and co-wrote many of the songs on her album including this one. With help from W. Mann she co-wrote “Lions, Tigers and Bears” which is also a sample from Salaam Remi’s “Shelia’s Playground”. Only Jazmine with her own background vocals sings this song. She maintains a steady soulful sound in most of her work mainly due to her voice and its tone. However this song is one that transcends the R&B and Soul sound you would typically expect of an R&B singer and songwriter. The song is driven by a mellow bass that flows with the melody, a harp and strings section carries the melody and accents thereof. As the song progresses the strings section, violins, increase in background melody and make the song much fuller and provides depth to the climax. The beat is not exactly typical of those used by many R&B artists, instead it is not as heavy in bass and treble, but relies more on the strings section to provide the “meat” of the production in itself. The rhythm is different as well, and has been compared to other musical works that are made for
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BM Project - Part 1 The musical work I have chosen to...

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