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21. Grand Right : Performance right in dramatic music. 22. HD: High Definition 23. Internet Radio: Streamed audio programming also known as “Webcasting” 24. Internet Service Providers: In reference to the book: they were sought by the RIAA to help work to suspend file sharing copyright scofflaws. 25. Liabilities : Includes accounts payable (bills owed), interest charges, taxes due and loans. 26. Library Music Service : A collection of a large quantity and variety of recorded passages that are available use in productions not using original or “custom” music.
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Unformatted text preview: 27. Limited Partnership: 28: Limited Liability Partnership: 29. Market: A particular group of buyers (or a type of audience) that can be identified by demographic research and/or analyses of preferences: a geographically distinct region. 30. Market Research: The process of identifying audience segments (Audience research – Demography ) and sampling broadcast audiences. New Member: Wonwoo, [email protected] , 734.972.3159...
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