MPM Paper 1 - Joe Lipsey III UMID 18340376 GSI Meredith...

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Joe Lipsey III 10/21/2011 UMID: 18340376 GSI: Meredith Juergens Tuesday 10-11a.m. Option B: Comparison of Two Versions of a Pop Song (Spandau Ballet’s True and Lloyd’s You ) In listening to Spandau Ballet’s hit song True and comparing it to Lloyd’s sampled interpolation entitled You featuring Lil Wayne (hip hop artist), I find there are plenty of differences between the two but they both have similar qualities. Since True debuted in the 80’s on Spandau Ballet’s 1983 Album (True) it definitely sounds different musically. Spandau’s True is slower than Lloyd’s version. It is definitely a ballad and is very mellow. It features some syncopation and is very simple in its musical elements. For example the main melody is used by a synthesizer, as is the drum kit. It sounds very computerized. From the sounds of it there could be an actual electric guitar used but that could also be computerized as well. The entire song, including the vocals, are filtered with a patch that allows for a bigger sound that adds a slight echo to everything and creates a lingering effect. This is very common for studio music produced in the 80’s. True also features several instrumental breaks where there is no singing and just music in the background. One of these breaks includes a saxophone solo. The vocals are simple as well in that there are not any harmonies used but only octaves of the same key layered upon one another at different times. In addition the background vocals were not sang by the lead vocalist alone but by other members of the group. The song is in 4/4
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time and the beat is simple which includes the use of a snare drum, a high hat and a bass drum, nothing too complicated. Explaining all of this makes it easier to see the differences in Lloyd’s version, which is influenced by the sound of the new millennium and advanced production technology as well as the popular sound of the years 2006-
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MPM Paper 1 - Joe Lipsey III UMID 18340376 GSI Meredith...

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