MPM Paper 2 - Joe Lipsey III 12/1/2011 UMID: 18340376 GSI:...

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Joe Lipsey III 12/1/2011 UMID: 18340376 GSI: Meredith Juergens Tuesday 10 – 11 a.m. Option C: A Pop Song Analysis of Beyoncé Knowles If I Were a Boy as a critique of Romantic Relationships and Male Behavior through a Rock-Pop Fused Composition Beyoncé Knowles, one of the most listened to artists of this generation has recorded countless songs. She has now released four studio albums as an independent artist and is known for her r&b and pop sound and her on energetic sassy on stage performances. If I Were a Boy sounds nothing like her pervious work as it sounds much more like a rock song and was composed by Toby Gad and BC Jean. It is one of the feature songs of her I am… Sasha Fierce album and is reminiscent of Kitty Wells’ It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels as it criticizes male behavior in some way or another, specifically in the context of relationships. Both the production and the video help illustrate the meaning of the lyrics and makes for a great promotional package for the song. Beyoncé’s If I Were a Boy serves as a reflection of romantic relationships and a critique of social culture and behavior specifically pertaining to males, packaged in a rock-pop fused composition. The songs brings forth different issues pertaining to romantic relationship such as commitment, remaining faithful, respecting your partner and considering their feelings. In the context of the song these issues are addressed in light of the male role in typical heterosexual relationships, although the issues highlighted are universal and are not
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limited to sexual preference. These issues are addressed through examples in her lyrics, of changed interactions between one another, decreased time together and lack of gratitude. And as a clever and lyrically original way of laying out these examples Beyoncé uses what I like to call the “if” factor, “if I were a boy” this is how I would do things, or this is how I would feel. It is not, however, about illustrating what should be
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MPM Paper 2 - Joe Lipsey III 12/1/2011 UMID: 18340376 GSI:...

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