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Joe Lipsey III 9/19/2011 Musicology 123 Ms. Juergens Compare and Contrast of “After the Ball” and “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” When listening to After the Ball you get a sense that it is a happy or pleasant sounding song even though the story that is being told is not. This is definitely a song because of the lyrics and the pitch is not low or high but somewhere in the middle. The amplitude is also somewhere in the middle. The rhythm of the song is has accents on the first of the three beats and it is in ¾ time and the accented note is the longest note. The timbre of the singer in the song is light and clear and somewhat airy at times. As a mid tempo song it can be used for dances and the melody is memorable and repetitive, however I there are not any harmonies in the singing.
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Unformatted text preview: Alexander’s Ragtime Band is a very joyful and energetic song, much more than After the Ball . Its tempo is faster than After the Ball as well and happens to be shorter in duration. The lyrics don’t tell a story but prompt dancing. The singers in the song are singing with harmony for the majority of the song, which seems to be a three-part harmony. The timbre of each singer is slightly rough but its clear and somewhat dense as well. This song also features some syncopation, as does After the Ball where the first and third beats are accented. The chorus and even the verses use similar rhythms and melodies which makes the song memorable which can also be said for After the Ball as they are a like in that aspect....
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