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University of Michigan Fall 2011 Musicology 123 Guidelines for Papers Overview For the two required papers ( due at the start of class on October 21 and December 2 ), you are asked to write on ANY TWO separate topics chosen from the four options listed below. You are encouraged and expected to draw on your knowledge gained from the course (concepts, historical points, and so on). You also may draw comparisons with other musical traditions. Feel free to write in the first person to describe your experiences and to express your opinions. Each paper should be 4-5 pages long (1200–1500 words), typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1-inch margins. If you decide to use reference books, secondary sources or websites, you must footnote your sources. Include your name, student ID number, GSI’s name, and the time/day your section meets. Please proofread for spelling/grammar. Late papers are penalized 10% for each day past the deadline. Option A. Popular Music Concert Report Attend a live pop music event – a rock concert, a coffee house performance, a rave, a hip-hop club, etc. – and write about your experience. This may be a concert staged on- or off- campus, and it must take place during this semester (Sep. 7, 2011–forward). If you are unsure whether a particular event suits the assignment, consult your GSI. Please structure your report as an essay (not as a series of numbered answers) that addresses the following: 1) Identify the performer/ensemble, the venue, and individual pieces (if they are identified for you) as you discuss them. 2) What aspects of the experience made the biggest impression on you?
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MUSICOL-123-Paper-Assignments - University of Michigan Fall...

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