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ENG 297 Analytic Essay - 1 Lipsey Joe Lipsey III Professor...

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1 Lipsey Joe Lipsey III Professor Chad Thomas ENG 297: Analytic Essay December 1, 2010 The Similarities and Differences in the Style of Communication between Mothers and Fathers, with their Children, through Linda Pastan's To a Daughter Leaving Home and Jan Beatty's My Father Teaches me to Dream The differences between a mother and a father in language used while communicating with their children is often illustrated on television and through movies. There is the belief that men are supposed to be the head of the household while others may believe otherwise. Whatever the case, there is usually a distinctness in the roles that the father and mother play when dealing with their children. Linda Pastan’s To a Daughter Leaving Home, page 291, depicts a moment of a mother reminiscing about her daughter and the time she taught her how to ride a bike. Jan Beatty’s My Father Teaches Me to Dream , page 543, shows a moment in time where a father is telling his daughter about work and what to do. Each poem brings a different perspective to the table, mother and father, yet they both carry an emotional message within the way they deal with the change and stage of life their daughters are experiencing. From the very beginning of the poem the language Linda Pastan chooses to use is descriptive. The first three lines let you know the mother in this poem is reminiscing about the past and how her daughter has grown up; “when I taught you at eight to ride a bicycle,” (lines 1-3). Age eight is around the typical age most children begin to learn or have learned how to ride a bike, which makes it easier for the audience to relate and place
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2 themselves in the position of the child. Linda begins to use playful diction in the next few lines that read, “loping along beside you as you wobbled away on two round wheels” (lines 3-6). Words like loping and wobbled are not common words used in everyday conversations. Wobbled tends to have a child like connotation and is mainly use in children’s books or programs. But each word does very well at depicting the moment of a child just learning how to ride a bike and the clumsiness of the child during their first few attempts. It then becomes easy to envision your mom, dad, or guardian running after you
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ENG 297 Analytic Essay - 1 Lipsey Joe Lipsey III Professor...

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