ENG. 297 Final Exam Part 3

ENG. 297 Final Exam Part 3 - Joe Lipsey III ENG 297 Final...

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Joe Lipsey III 11/15/2010 ENG. 297 Final Exam Part 3 If you are a fan of poetry you most likely have at least one favorite poem or poet and even if you are not a fan or poetry, after reading a few poems you are bound to have a favorite amongst them. This can be due to many different elements but one of the main elements and perhaps the most important is the diction or word choice. Yes the symbolism and patterns of rhythm count as well but before you can have a pattern you must have words and depending on what these words are the meaning can vary from one extreme to the next. To evaluate the effects of word choice in poetry we will look at three poems, Langston Hughes’ Dream Variations, Jan Beatty’s My Father Teaches Me to Dream , and Charles Simic’s In the Library. Though they are all different in interpretation, they all carry a theme of dreaming to some degree and use words to convey specific perspectives and ideas about dreaming and their individual meanings. When reading Dream Variations you are literally brought into a state of relaxation; you begin to feel comfortable from the very beginning and this is do to the language that is used. The first two lines, “To fling my arms wide in some place of the sun”, help to create the theme of dreaming and the feeling of freedom one has when dreaming. To fling something is to act suddenly or even forcefully and since the sun is massive in size the first two lines
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ENG. 297 Final Exam Part 3 - Joe Lipsey III ENG 297 Final...

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