Ling 251 SS3 assn - going to set everything down slowly and...

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Joe Lipsey III 1/19/2012 Ling 251 Professor Berwanger Signing Stories, Assignment 3 “A Lesson about Sound” by Mary Telford I am from a deaf family. My aunts, uncles and cousins are all deaf. We all mingle together. My husband is deaf but we had a child that was hearing. This took some work, to learn how hearing people interpret sounds. I like telling this story. One day my daughter and her hearing friends were all sitting in the other room. I was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes and putting them away in the cabinets. My daughter came in and asked: “Are you ok?” “Yes I’m ok,” I said. “Are you angry?” she asked. “No I’m not,” I said. “Are you in a bad mood?” I said, “No I’m not in a bad mood.” She went back to her friends and I thought, does this make some meaning, but I don’t know what . I thought closing the cabinets and putting everything away fast this could mean it’s loud. The next time her friends came over I saw them and reminded myself to keep quiet. I’m
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Unformatted text preview: going to set everything down slowly and quietly. Before I put the plates and cups away fast but this time I put them back one by one and tried to close the cabinet doors slowly. After this I was knocked out, tired. My daughter came back in the kitchen and asked, “Are you ok?” I thought, “I wasn’t quiet?” I was stuck; I just threw my hands up. I said, next time you and your friends are in the other room and I’m in the kitchen, I will wait until you all leave to clean the dishes. A. This process of translation was not that different from my own, but it included more steps then I would include for myself. B. I had difficulties with a few signs so I tried to put them in the context of the story to help figure out what they meant. C. I learned that the sentence structure could vary a little depending on how you interpreted certain signs in the context of the story. D. I learned that reviewing can help clarify what the story is actually saying....
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Ling 251 SS3 assn - going to set everything down slowly and...

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