Ling. 140 Exam 2 - 1) Starting with what it means to...

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1) Starting with what it means to mitigate and to eradicate. To mitigate something is to lessen in force or intensity, as wrath, grief, harshness, or pain; moderate. And to eradicate is to remove or destroy utterly; extirpate or to even pull up by the roots. Though this last definition of eradication, pull up the roots, is often only used when referring to pulling up the roots of weeds or other plants, it can also represent pulling up the roots of Deaf Culture. As it pertains to Deaf Culture, “the Hearing Agenda” has implemented ways of trying to mitigate a disability, in which they view being deaf as a disability. The agenda has also included ways of eradicating this “disability”, all of which is too lessen or get rid of the amount of “deaf people” we have hear in American, making them as much like the majority of citizens who are hearing. Some of the ways “the hearing agenda” has tried to mitigate things has been through the provision of vocational rehabilitation, which involves working with a counselor and is mainly for the use of bettering communication for those who are deaf as it pertains to being on the job. One of the ways eradication has taken place is through the highly promoted use of cochlear implants for babies. These implants must be surgically implanted and, if successful, allow for the child, who has been diagnosed as deaf, to hear. The Deaf World, however, has a much different agenda staying away from mitigating or eradicating their deafness. Their focus is to gain the many of the simple rights that are said to be given to all people but aren’t given to them. These rights include the right to drive and even the right to marry and found a family, which some countries don’t allow just yet and some Deaf women are even married without their own approval. The agenda of the Deaf World is to gain the rights that are given to everyone else simply because they believe their deafness is just a difference in language; whereas “the hearing agenda” is based on eliminating deafness which they believe to be a disability. 2) With the advancement of medical science and technology, the efforts from medical professionals, as it pertains to diagnosing and working with those who are deaf, become stronger towards the promotion of technological ways to change the deaf diagnoses. And since a lot of money is put into medical research and advancement, it is not likely that this will ever stop, especially since the American culture is mainly driven by the thought of advancement and convenience. By lessening the amount of deaf people who exist, thus lessening the amount of money and time that must be taken to ensure the stability amongst all American citizens, is much more convenient. Unfortunately some issues still have not been taken care of while others continue to get worse as far as the goals of the Deaf World are concerned. Since their aren’t many people who can fight for the views and goals of the Deaf World, it then becomes that much harder for any success to
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Ling. 140 Exam 2 - 1) Starting with what it means to...

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