Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment - Shweta Patro Mrs Morelli English 11...

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Shweta Patro Mrs. Morelli English 11 Summer Assignment Crime and Punishment by: Fyodor Dostoevsky Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov is, in his own view, an enterprising, intelligent and handsome gentleman, akin to Napoleon. He knows, that by his efforts, the world can be rid of suffering. But what makes Raskolnikov truly unique is the way he proposes to achieve this ideal state. Because he is so special, it is acceptable for Raskolnikov to use any method to create a more just world. By eradicating the forces that perpetuate the evil that he sees, Raskolnikov will improve the world he lives in. This means that he must kill Alonya Ivanovna. Alonya is a pawnbroker who is stingy, and rude to her customers. Over and over again Raskolnikov has been humiliated by her and given low rates for the items he has pawned. Raskolnikov decides that the world would be much better off without her, and murders her. Most people, certainly all sane people would come to the conclusion that killing Alonya Ivanovna was not justified. But might it also be, as Raskolnikov sees it, that the sane are bound too much to their emotional human nature? That they will only be able to see the rationale behind murder if they transcend their human emotions? Discrimination between right and wrong seems on the surface to be a very obvious matter, but is, in reality, terribly complex. When deciding between good and bad, it is often necessary to ask the question “Do the ends justify the
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Crime and Punishment - Shweta Patro Mrs Morelli English 11...

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