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Giveyourselfabreak - would I do with this free time I tried...

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Shweta Patro Mrs. Morelli “Give yourself a break.” Due: 11/29/09 When she came home from work on Wednesday, my mom told me I looked stressed and that I needed a break. So, I gave myself a break. I watched 9 movies in two days. I ate out, dressed up and had fun. I made a Tofurkey, and went shopping the next day. I spent $200, none of my own money. Then I came back. I realized that I felt overworked, like I had the week of midterms. I was more than overworked, I was numb. There was not much for me to do other than sit and drink green tea. So I sat, and slowly, sleep crept up on me and gobbled me whole. Saturday I woke up and continued sitting. I’m now sitting writing this, a short recapitulation of my state of mind the past two days. What
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Unformatted text preview: would I do with this free time? I tried studying, thinking that as a studious kid, I might try and live up to this false reputation. Instead, I found myself watching, of all things, Gossip Girl. It was all the vulgarity I hated about television: trashy, insincere and largely pointless. Perhaps because I abhorred it so much, I finished watching the last three seasons of the show. This was repeated for a few romantic comedies and Lifetime movies. I caught myself doing typical teenage things, texting, wasting time, waking up late, wasting more time, and they were always accompanied by an acute feeling of self-loathing. The more I “gave myself a break” the more I despised myself....
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