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Shweta Patro “Hills Like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway p 595 #1 Mrs. Morelli One of the most obvious and essential techniques for embedding meaning into a seemingly superficial story is to use layers of meaning. The very top layer is simply a summary of the tangible events that took place in the story. A top layer interpretation of “Hills Like White Elephants” would include basic details like the fact that the couple ordered beer, or that they were in a train station. Taken at face value, Hill Like White Elephants seems like a mundane interaction between two people. But as the reader digs deeper,the characters seem to actually have character. Although Hemingway does not explicitly state the emotions or histories of the characters, the reader can guess and wonder about them based on their actions. The sentence “Mr. Roberts ran the Boston Marathon for the 12 th time this January.” gives a wealth of information about Mr. Roberts. It can be gathered that Mr. Roberts is a fit man with a passion for
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hillslikewhiteelephants - Shweta Patro "Hills Like White...

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