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Kissinger - Shweta Patro Kissinger's main argument is that...

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Shweta Patro Kissinger’s main argument is that a new plan for controlling and stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons is necessary. He says that this is necessary to avoid a large scale nuclear calamity. It might also help to avoid the emergence of more nuclear armed states, and prevent the world from becoming a more belligerent, dangerous place. A concrete policy is also necessary to sort out the gray area of nuclear energy. Uranium and other radioactive elements can be enriched to weapons grade for nuclear energy, but can also obviously be easily used for atom bombs. To prevent this, Kissinger urges the world (especially North Korea and Iran) to halt their nuclear weapons programs. Kissinger presents a five tiered plan for resolving the nuclear weapons problem. The first part of this involves the “declaratory power” of the United States. He says that the United States must tell the world that nonproliferation is an essential matter of national security. This will send messages to any countries carrying out or planning nuclear weapons proliferation.
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