Osmosisquote - the dawn of the industrial era largely taken...

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Shweta Patro Mrs. Morelli Freewrite on Osmosis Quote Is there really a definition for Basic Intelligence? In the simplest sense of the word, basic intelligence can be something like being conscious or recognizing something. It is a type of intelligence that everybody, regardless of class, social status, education and other common dividers, has. The title of the quotation suggests that basic intelligence is acquired by just being. Because other humans are present, their actions will automatically be learned and reflected in basic intelligence. Although I think the title is off to a good, somewhat interesting start, A.N. Whitehead’s position on what thinking should be is skewed. The only sentence that I agree with in this quote is: “Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.” Machines are an example of the “advancement of civilization”. The painstaking and time consuming, but important work of making shoes, for example was, at
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Unformatted text preview: the dawn of the industrial era, largely taken over by machine. With no human error, the shoes came out better than they might have if a cobbler had stitched them. Shoes, a very important human need, were taken care of with the advent of the machine. This let humans do many other things. With cheap and affordable shoes, people could now think about other, more important things, say, pasteurization and bacteria removal. Unimpeded with any worries about shoes or shoe repair, more advanced technology could be invented to improve the quality of life. In the shoe example, a task which previously took much time, effort and thought, was replaced by something that took as much or even more time, effort and thought, but provided a better quality of life in the end. Humans think to find shortcuts. Those shortcuts help to find other shortcuts, and so on. Therefore, it is always necessary to think. Thinking is essential to life and advancement....
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Osmosisquote - the dawn of the industrial era largely taken...

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