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The Discus Thrower Shweta Patro 1. Doctors look in on their patients, but only see them from a healthcare point of view, not focusing on their minds as much as their bodies. In saying that he “spies” on his patients, Selzer establishes that he wants to know more about his patients than just their physical ailments. He wants to understand them psychologically, from a human perspective so that he can better understand them physically, from a physician’s perspective. Selzer’s use of the term “spy” might also indicate that the information he infers from his observation is somehow private because the patient does not tell him this information, he deduces it from the patient’s behavior. 2. The use of the present tense suggests that Selzer is still in the habit of “spying” on his patients. It also suggests that this type of incident happens often enough that he can be
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Unformatted text preview: using the present tense in narrating it. 3. Like the use of present tense, first person makes Selzer’s words, thoughts and motivations more immediate for the reader. This allows readers to see this situation in the view of a doctor. Using first person is also important because it allows the reader to empathize with the patient from the perspective of the doctor. The first person also allows Selzer to be ambivalent when describing his patient, because Selzers personal opinion of the man may be different than the actual fact. For instance, Selzer describes his patient as “… impressive, as though here were a sailor standing athwart a slanting deck” despite the fact that the man is blind and has only stumps for legs....
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