The Paper Chase - Shweta Patro Due: 12/3/09 Mrs. Morelli...

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Shweta Patro Due: 12/3/09 Mrs. Morelli Analysis of A Paper Chase A truly touching movie involves a combination of academic (preferably college) life, an underdog protagonist, and an ending that shows either a dream come true, or a great truth realized. The movie The Paper Chase is one that fulfilled all these criteria. Based on the 1970 novel of the same name, this movie stars Timothy Bottoms as James T. Hart, Lindsay Wagner as Susan Fields, and John Houseman as Charles W. Kingsfield Jr,. The main character, Hart, is a Harvard Law student who is trying to get by in his Contracts Class, taught by the imposing and strict Professor Charles W. Kingsfield. Kingsfield does not remember any of his students, and very often considers it below himself to associate with them. He views his class as an “operating table” or a “treadmill”, treating his students mechanically, a vastly different situation than most students are used to. Although it seems constrictive and harsh, I found Kingsfield’s style of teaching to be one of the most effective I have come across. The best example of this that I have seen is the evolution of the main character James Hart. Hart comes into the first class unprepared. He has not read the case (Hawkins vs. McGee)
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The Paper Chase - Shweta Patro Due: 12/3/09 Mrs. Morelli...

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