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Shweta Patro Mrs. Morelli Due: 4/26/10 Carol Dweck, the author of “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids”, thinks that the primary difference between people who give up easily and those who persevere after failure lies in why that person believed they failed. Students who can easily brush off failure feel that the failure was because of a lack of organized effort on their part. On the other hand, students who take failure to heart view failure as a incurable, dyed-in-the-wool behavior. Dweck hypothesizes that, because effort based failure is perceived by students as easier to correct than ability based failure, it ultimately makes for smarter kids. This, however, is far too simple to be the one key to raising a smart child. Simply emphasizing effort does not magically turn children into self-disciplined, curious learners. Exploiting the student’s interests through goal-driven effort is a more organized and effective way to raise a smart child. This method of goal-setting, coupled with methodical effort helps develop character traits which are essential for nearly every area of life. These character traits
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thesecrettoraisingsmartkids - Shweta Patro Mrs. Morelli...

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