Twelfth Night - Shweta Patro Mrs Morelli English 11 Summer...

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Shweta Patro Mrs. Morelli English 11 Summer Assignment Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare The mechanism of a slingshot is simple: stretch the elastic back, aim, let it go. This process is also evident in human behavior, although it may be many times more complex. In order to achieve certain objects, people sometimes put themselves in a sort of slingshot. They try to act like something that they do not want to be in order to become something that they really do want to be. Many of the characters in Twelfth Night, whether they know it or not, use this method in order to gain love, affection or admiration. Many times this method results in success, but other times, it ends in failure. Viola utilizes the slingshot mechanism more than anyone else in the play by using her skills as a master of disguise. She disguises herself as a man in order to be able to serve Orsino. Viola (now Cesario) becomes closely acquainted with Orsino, and begins to fall in love with him. Viola draws and aims her slingshot when she first decides to be a companion to Orsino. Although she turns to Orsino out of necessity (she has just been stranded in Illyria and needs work), Viola may have had some other subconscious motivation for this as well. Orsino, was, as Viola had been informed, a lovesick bachelor waiting for Olivia to love him. Viola may have
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Twelfth Night - Shweta Patro Mrs Morelli English 11 Summer...

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