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Shweta Patro Issue Raised in War: Harmful Circular Logic Mrs. Morelli Due: 3/8/10 I was scrawny and bespectacled, a mere sixth grader who wanted nothing more than to fit in on my first day in a new, strange town. As I made my way to the bus stop, I was intercepted by an older boy. “You got two bucks?” he asked, flipping his board vertically and leaning on it. He was good-looking, listened to his iPod as he talked. “Yeah, but I’ve got to buy lunch. I’m hoping the cafeteria food is good. It sucked in elementary school. I’m Shweta, by the way.” I said. “The food is excellent. That’s why I need two dollars, shrimp.” he replied with a snarl. His skateboard scraped loudly against the road and he nonchalantly cracked his knuckles. I finally caught on. “ Oh. Oh, I see.” I said. My mind was racing, egged on by fear. I couldn’t make a deal with him, that would be too dangerous, as he was two feet taller than me and looked stubborn. I couldn’t run – he would soon catch up to me on his skateboard. Luckily, he interrupted these thoughts. “I’ll tell ya what: we’ll do this like friends. I’m Mike, I’m in eighth grade.” he said, smiling. I was relieved. “I’m Shweta, and I’m in sixth.” It seemed like we were getting off to a better start. “Well Shweta, I’m the most popular kid in my grade. I made a bet with this dude Tom that I would be able to get two dollars from a sixth grader. You would be the perfect candidate. And if I can’t convince you to take advantage of this honor, I have three buddies who can.” He
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cracked his neck now, while stretching his arms. I started to think frantically again, weighing my options. He had not stated it directly, but I knew would get badly beaten and would be a social outcast if I did not give him his money. On the other hand, I could hand it over and forget the whole incident. I reluctantly reached into my pocket and unfolded and gave him two crunchy dollar bills. He crushed them into his side pocket and boarded away. I could have fought this bully. I might have saved my two dollars, or at least defended it. But I was tricked into giving my money to Mike. He gave me what I thought was a choice: between giving him the money and or defending it. But either way, Mike would still get what he wanted. By giving me this “option”, which actually spelled doom from the start, he took away my
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warissueessaay - Shweta Patro Issue Raised in War Harmful...

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