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wires roughhh - hope to use their thoughts to change their...

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There are two distinct types of wires: those that we have the ability to cut through and escape from, and those that are unbeatable, restricting us despite our best efforts. Wires are considered obstacles, and although humans generally try to beat obstacles, some wires (the unbeatable ones in particular) are too impossible to try to defeat. The wire that prevents one from turning into, say, a sweater, is physical: it is quite impossible for a person s living cells to be converted to fabric. Humans do not generally have the desire to be turned into sweaters either. In this situation, although the gross, physical barrier is present, most people do not aspire to the goal beyond that barrier. Humans do not care for turning into sweaters, but they dwell incessantly on the motivations inside their minds, and
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Unformatted text preview: hope to use their thoughts to change their behaviors. I view flaws in my character as my own wires. I have control over myself (I like to think), and can therefore change my outlook and habits. A major, self-created obstacle that has plagued me for years is a penchant for avoiding difficulty. I am easily scared by assignments and activities that I find hard. The first recorded evidence I had of this problem emerged when I was seven years old. Thesis: How did I realize that I was avoiding difficulty? I always tended to rationalize in order to make myself feel better about things I have not accomplished. The end result was a seemingly happy person who was decadent. There is a solution to this problem: discipline. One form of discipline is methodicalness....
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