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Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA MSE 151/ Spring, 2011 Structure and Properties of Composite Materials MW 2-3:50 pm Boelter 5272 Instructor: Professor J.-M. Yang 2127 Engineering V 310-825-2758 [email protected] Textbook: Composite Materials science and Engineering, 2 nd edition, by K. K. Chawla (Springer) Office Hours: MW 4-5 pm Grades: Mid-Term (6 th week): 30% Final Exam: 40% Homework and Report: 30% Course Outline: 1. Overview on the development and applications of composite
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Unformatted text preview: materials 2. Processing of fibers and whiskers 3. Processing and properties of polymer matrix composites 4. Processing and properties of metal matrix composites 5. Processing and properties of ceramic matrix composites 6. Analysis of unidirectional lamina 7. Analysis of multilayer laminated composites 8. Strength and failure behavior of composites 9. Design examples of composites...
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