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M 166C: Design of Composite Structures Instructor: Greg P. Carman [email protected] 38-137m Eng. IV 825-6030 Office hours: tentatively Textbook: Mechanics of Composite Materials, R. Jones 2 nd edition GTA: Of. Hours TBA Prerequisite: knowledge of basic stress/strain concepts (MAE 156a or MAE166a). Course outline: (Subject to change at the instructor’s discretion) I. Introduction a. Basic concepts b. Review mechanics II. Micromechanics a. Anisotropic properties b. Stiffness c. Strength
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Unformatted text preview: III. Macromechanics of Lamina a. Plane stress b. Reduced stiffness arbitrary layup c. Strength IV. Macromechanics of Laminate a. Classical laminate theory b. Special layups c. Thermal/moisture influences VI. Stress Distributions a. Interlaminar Stresses b. Laminate failure theories c. Governing equations VII. Advanced topics a. Elasticity solutions for composite laminates Grading Considerations (unless otherwise specified): Homework/programs: 25% (1 per week) Midterm: 30% Final: 45%...
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