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Syllabus_2011 - approximately the same order as this course...

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering, HSSEAS University of California, Los Angeles Introduction to Materials Characterization Crystal Structure, Nanostructures and X-Ray Scattering MSE 110 Fall 2011 Professor M.S. Goorsky 3121-G Engineering V [email protected] 206-0267 Course Description This course introduces modern methods of materials characertization with strong emphasis on x-ray scattering fundamentals and techniques. We shall concentrate on the properties of x-rays, the fundamentals of crystallography, and several diffraction techniques as well as brief comaprsions to electron scattering mechanisms and techniques. MSE 110L, a separate laboratory course, is taught with subject matter in
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Unformatted text preview: approximately the same order as this course. Course Grade Distribution The course will be graded as follows: Final Exam: 40% Mid-term Exam 30% Quiz: 15% Homework 15% Textbook “Elements of X-ray Diffraction” 3 rd Edition B.D. Cullity and S.R. Stock, Prentice-Hall Subjects (In order of course presentation; C1 = Cullity&Stock, Ch.1)) Properties of X-rays (C1) Crystal Structure (C2) Reciprocal Space (Appendix I) Diffraction (C3) Experimental Methods Laue Method (C5) Powder Diffraction (C6) Diffractometers / Spectrometers (C7) Applications (C8-16) Special Topics...
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