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Lorraine Huff Unit 3 Discussion Board June 27, 2010 The stock market can be a very intimidating subject for many people who are interested in investment opportunities. There are as many risks as there could be returns on any stock that can be invested in. There are three steps that can help anyone interested in becoming involved with the stock market can use to become as successful investor. First, people should research many stocks instead of just a couple. They should not pick the first stock that grabs their attention. By researching numerous options, the investor will have a better idea of what each stock is doing. When the time comes to actually invest, the investor will know which industries are doing well and will be able to minimize their choices for the selection process. One main piece of advice that newcomers to the stock market should take to heart is never invest in any stock that you have second thoughts about. If something about the investment makes you feel uneasy, you should continue your search. The next step is never to invest an amount of money that will affect their daily lives.
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