Unit 2 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff September 11, 2009...

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1 Lorraine Huff September 11, 2009 HCM201-0903B-02: Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology Unit 2 Individual Project Dr. Kourtney A. Nieves
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2 The United Stated Department of Health and Human Services, or HHS. claims that information may not be disclosed to a third party without consent. While that may be technically true, it may be very misleading. A disclosure for marketing can be made to a business associate, and anyone can become a business associate by signing a contract with a covered entity. Patient records may be disclosed, for instance, to a telemarketing firm if the firm becomes a business associate of a health care provider. While the general privacy rules attach to business associates who receive disclosures from covered entities, the fact remains that broad scale marketing using patient information is permitted. Business associates could be allowed to make disclosures to other business associates. Moreover, there are three significant exceptions to HHS's privacy rule.
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Unit 2 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff September 11, 2009...

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