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MGT 430 Unit 3 DB - Lorraine Huff Unit 3 Discussion Board...

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Lorraine Huff Unit 3 Discussion Board August 8, 2010 “By definition a company’s culture is what helps define the norms for accepted behavior within an organization and is the foundation for the values that employees are expected to emulate.” One of the key items in any job search is for the job seeker to find an employer that will fit their needs and also be able to fulfill the requirements that the employer is asking for. Every aspect of the corporate culture should be considered before accepting a position. Corporate culture is the key to building employee enthusiasm and commitment, acting with flexibility and speed and driving and sustaining growth. Anyone who is seeking a career needs to establish the type of environment that would be most acceptable for them. The working environment they are looking for should fit their preference and be comfortable. If it is at all possible, they should research the company before the initial interview. The company’s website would be the best way to find their formal vision,
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