MGT Unit 3 Group Project - 1 Unit 3 Group Project American...

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1 Unit 3 Group Project American Intercontinental University MGT430-1003B-01 Lorraine Huff Todd Hazel Donnitta Howard John Kane Mary Henry August 6, 2010
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2 Part One Abstract Part one of this project will discuss diversity within Walgreens. Walgreens drug store expresses how important diversity is within the workplace and in the community. There are many ways that managers could also help to boost the morale of their employees and maintain a diverse store. Identify the Diversity at Walgreens The diversity for Walgreens is in their mission statement which states “we offer employees of all backgrounds as a place to build careers” and according to their CEO Greg Wasson he states that he values diversity and that Walgreen’s is a community focused retailer that serves diverse customers throughout America . These initiatives can benefit Walgreen’s by improving their decisions through employing a diverse team with different experiences and attitudes; improves value; and providing opportunities to maintain employees through in house promotions. Some challenges that diversity can create for the manager are employee behavior on the job; communication; motivation; immigration and globalizing the workforce; age; gender; race issues; religion; and creating a cohesive and harmonious team. Walgreens takes a team approach with their Pharmacy department. Walgreens Pharmacists has a team approach which involves their staff members; patient; physician, nurses, and case manager to coordinate, communicate, and assists their customers’ healthcare and pharmaceutical needs. The benefits of this approach are being able to utilize an experience team of clinically trained pharmacist that is specially trained in all specialized areas to address the patients’ needs and to provide quality and efficient service. The drawbacks of this team is time and probably staffing that is required in order to efficiently coordinate with serving the patient and communicating with the healthcare team which includes the patients physician, nurse, insurance, or hospital staff. Team work can be very challenging especially dealing with a diverse team; the manager of Walgreens can motivate the various teams by having weekly or monthly team meeting to communicate updates and address any concerns or identify issues. Other ways of motivating is having company outings; incentive programs; or bonuses that will also engage and motivate employees. Lastly, another approach is “rounding” in which the manager will round each department weekly or daily in order to communicate individually to acknowledge and address employees’ needs or concerns and follow up. Walgreens has been around for 107 years and is currently one of the oldest retailers in America. Walgreens currently has 240,000 employees, so diversity is needed to maintain a level of understanding and working together to get the job done right the first time. The diversity that is seen in Walgreen’s drug store has been a building block within for its growth. Its company
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MGT Unit 3 Group Project - 1 Unit 3 Group Project American...

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