OB unit 2 DB - You've been looking closer at USA Today's...

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You've been looking closer at USA Today's motivational techniques. What do you believe would be an effective motivational technique to use to create collaboration among the various media operations? Keep in mind the goal towards creating the integration of the various operations. Employee motivation techniques vary from expert to expert. However, they all have the same goal, getting employees to want to do their job better and more efficiently. I.   What Is Motivation? A.   Motivation vs. “Fear” II.   Factors That Must Be Present In Order For A Person To Be Motivated A.   Fulfillment of one’s basic needs B.   Healthy work environment C.   Security in one’s employment D.   Knowledge and ability to do the job required 1.   Effective hiring and training procedures E.   Knowledge of the practice’s employee policies and procedures 1.   Employee manual III.   Is Money A Motivator? A.   Can money be used as a motivator? B.   Six factors that can outweigh salary IV.   Motivational Techniques A.   Basic tenet: “Treat employees in the same manner as you would wish to be treated.” B.   Positive reinforcement 1.   The strongest motivator you have at your disposal 2.   Verbal 3.   Non-verbal 4.   Frequency C.   Negative reinforcement 1.   Is this a motivational technique? D.   Job enrichment E.   Incentive programs 1.   Targeted incentive programs 2.   General incentive programs based on: a.   Performance b.   Profitability of practice 3.   Employee must have or know the direct relationship F.   Staff meetings 1.   How to hold staff meetings that build morale and result in positive momentum G.   Continuing education 1.   In-service meetings
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OB unit 2 DB - You've been looking closer at USA Today's...

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