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OB Unit 4 DB - At USA Today we need to focus on...

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At USA Today, we need to focus on organizational culture and organizational structure to give an explanation as to the difficulties that the company has been facing. There are three main points to address when discussing USA Today’s structure and culture. These points will help them to realize what affects different aspects have on the company and why. The first thing to take into consideration is competition within the industry. Competitive forces force USA Today to keep up with the ever-changing world culture. Technology has forced many companies to change their way of operations. Employees must adapt to these changes so they have a competitive edge against other companies. For example, a reporter who still uses methods from the 1970’s such as tape recorders and typewriters could not compete against the more technologically advanced reporters of today who are able to send and receive information via email in seconds. If two companies were in competition with each other and one had more information resources, the one with more resources would have more of an advantage.
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