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RUNNING HEAD: THE ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR OF USA The Organizational Behavior of USA Today Unit 1 Individual Project Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Class MGT322-1001A-07 Concepts in Organizational Behavior By Lorraine M. Huff AIU Online January 10, 2010 Abstract USA Today, or USAT, has become a dominating force in the newspaper industry since its start in 1982. Despite great controversy and industry skepticism from critics and other news companies because of the differences between USAT and other newspapers in the beginning, USAT and its corporate parent Gannet Co. succeeded in becoming profitable as “America’s only national general-interest newspaper that delivered news about every state in the union.” In 2000, USAT’s president and CEO, Tom Curley wanted to incorporate the company into the changing times of the world and combine forces of the paper to ensure its part in the digital revolution. Problems within the company’s standard newspaper business independent fiefdoms and the online branch of the company were exceeding; instead of diminishing as Curly sought. Moral within the employees of each side was lower than ever and competition within the company was causing strain. Lacks in investments, as well as an almost non-existent enthusiasm within the senior corporate management team, were also an issue for the online branch, and threatened to block the possible growth for the company’s expansion for the growing amount of internet users.
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The Management of Ability Employee turnover within USAT was very high. Relationships between the standard newspaper production employees and the online employees during the time of forthcoming change could be described as strained, but a better term would be non-existent. The newspaper employees saw the online employees as competition for their job security and treated them as such. The online employees were looked down upon by the other branches of the company. There was no communication between the two sections and online was forced to find their own sources for breaking news. The lack of communication and the want for 24 hour news coverage for the online employees caused even more problems within the company. Reporters felt pressured due to the possible loss of their connections and resources to USAT online researchers and employees, and online employees felt of the tremendous workload which was being required of them and the harsh treatments received from the paper employees. This created a horribly low
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