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Lorraine Huff Unit 3 Discussion Board January 24, 2010 USA Today spent roughly $50 million per year on its news operations around the world. This was before the new “network strategy” which consisted of an $80 million technology platform which would allow transmission and receiving various kinds of news content and distribute it to the three major platforms; online, paper, and broadcast LIVE. The investment into this technology would allow all three platforms unlimited access to each other’s information, which would in turn create faster, more efficient news coverage and creates growth opportunities. There were some negative aspects to the “network strategy”. The amount of investment increase is a very intense number at $30 million. Senior managers were wary of investing in something that could prove to be non-profitable. The new technology was not accepted by all division. In fact, the paper division wanted no part of it and all but rejected it. The treatment of the online division could be described as
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