PM Unit 1 IP - Reestablishing Employee Confidence 1...

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Reestablishing Employee Confidence 1 Lorraine Huff July 25, 2009 MGT110-0903A-11 : Project Management Unit 1 Individual Project Reestablishing Employee Confidence
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Reestablishing Employee Confidence 2 Introduction IFCO SYSTEMS is North America’s leading Pallet-Management-Services company, specializing in the procurement, reconditioning and distribution of wood pallets to and from the manufacturing and retail sectors. Pallets are used in virtually all industries that transport products. Every year, approximately 2.1 billion wooden pallets are in circulation in the United States. IFCO Systems states that they believe in fair treatment of their employees that make a labor union unnecessary. The company also initiated an incentive program stating that any employee who reached their production rate before the allotted eight hour time, would be paid for the full eight hour shift. In the past three years, the production facility in Martin, Tennessee has been one of the top producing factories in the company. The factory is divided into two departments; production and saw room. Production is made up of several tables that build specific pieces of the wooden crates. There are, at most, 19 tables in production running to fill customer orders, along with two saw lines, which requires 8 people per line. Production tables maintain 2 or four employees, depending on which pieces are being built. IFCO Systems recently decided to minimize the number of breaks taken by employees to the minimum state requirements of one unpaid thirty minute meal break within an eight hour period. In the past, employees were given two paid
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PM Unit 1 IP - Reestablishing Employee Confidence 1...

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