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This past week, a group project was due in my Introduction to billing and coding class. I chose option three to discuss. The group that I was in set up our first group chat for Tuesday and only two people were able to be there. In this chat, deadlines were decided by the individuals that were there. Our second chat was set for Wednesday, and two different people attended, however they were the only two people there. In this chat, the two individuals agreed to the project deadlines and also set up a third chat to go over the group aspect of our collaborated individual portions. The last chat everyone involved with the group, with the exception of one individual who never submitted anything, attended. We nominated someone to compile all of the information and we all agreed on the final draft of the project Sunday morning.
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Unformatted text preview: Even though the group never met together until the day before the due date, the ability to agree and make choices on deadlines went smoother than any other group I have been a part of. Everyone chose their own assigned parts to complete, and they did the jobs they were supposed to do, without making the rest of the group stress about where a certain section was or if they were going to show up at all. This fact made the project much more tolerable if not an enjoyable experience. Every aspect of this group project went without a hitch and with forty-nine posts on the discussion board, we all did a wonderful job of communicating with the rest of the group. If the group were formed again, the only thing I would recommend if to try and have the meeting where everyone attended at once a little farther away from the deadline....
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