PM Unit 4 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff MGT110-0903A-11 Unit 4...

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1 Lorraine Huff MGT110-0903A-11 Unit 4 Individual Project Prof. Tonya Boddie August 16, 2009
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2 When a project is not progressing as well as expected, the project manager must find out the reasons behind it. If communication is not at its best or someone within the group is not meeting the expectations of the others, then it is time to get involved and try to resolve the situation. In the case of the project for a new system that is scheduled to market on January 1 st , two of the individuals working on the project obviously have some problems working with each other. Carly and Morris obviously have clashing personalities. While the reasons are unknown, the amount of progress on the project proves it as a fact. Being a subordinate manager, Carly is expected to remain impartial to all of the people working within her group. Carly obviously did not report her actions, because she knew that she was in the wrong. Her problems with Morris were personal beliefs and she knew that bringing it to her boss could get her reprimand for potentially abusing another participant. The success of the project depends on reliable managers. Carly should have brought the problem out in the open and confronted Morris to try to solve it. Leaving it to continue to grow and manifest into a predicament to this degree is not to actions of a reliable manger. Her actions Carly may be intimidated by Morris, as he may be intimidated by her. Each of them could
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PM Unit 4 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff MGT110-0903A-11 Unit 4...

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