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Lorraine Huff Unit 2 Discussion Board February 21, 2010 Surveys are a group of questions that are asked to a group of individuals to obtain an unbiased answer to a particular subject, event, or phenomenon. There are many different purposes of a survey. For example, companies may conduct a survey to measure customer satisfaction or customer opinion of their product or service. Other organizations may conduct surveys because they seek action or change. Surveys also help to understand the opinions of individuals because of the results of the final analysis. To ensure that the information gained from a survey is unbiased, the data collector must select people from different cultures, locations, age groups, races, and social standings. For example, if a survey conductor only chose white lawyers from one city, the results of the survey would be biased because not all individuals feel the same about certain subjects. A male factory worker in Cleveland and a female teacher in Los Angeles may not agree upon the subject being
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