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HR Unit 1 DB - the employees They must manage conflicts and...

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There are many similarities between line managers and human resource management. Human resources, or HR as it more commonly known, is responsible for the hiring of competent applicants to ensure that the duties of specific positions will be completed as the company requires. They must go through detailed testing to fill these positions using diversity, workload management, performance management and leadership. Line managers also share many of these qualities. They are the main people within the company who manage changes decided on by upper management. They are seen as leaders by
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Unformatted text preview: the employees. They must manage conflicts and fulfill customer needs. Line managers must use time management, workload management, and performance management along with interpersonal skills and moral building. Line managers must manage the teams that HR sends to them to operate the positions of the company. They are the closest to the employees and know their behaviors both individually and also as a team. They are seen as mentors, coaches, and at times counselors that some would consider the backbone of the company....
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