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Lorraine Huff Unit 4 Discussion Board December 5, 2010 In this scenario, it seems that the sales representatives are using the company for its training program and for experience to go into a position where they can make more money. The first thing that should be examined is how much of a pay increase the other company is offering and if it is at all feasible raise the rates of compensation after training and a 6 month period to those rates. If the turnover rate is so high strictly because of compensation, then that is an easily remedied problem. If a sales representative completes their training program and stays with the company, then their compensation should be raised to that of which the competition is offering. Another way to keep them is to offer a commission of what they personally sell. No employee is going to work for a company where they are not satisfied with their pay and they will look to other companies to substantiate the income they are expecting.
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