Huff Lorraine Unit 2 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff American...

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1 Lorraine Huff American Intercontinental University MGT485-1005B-16 Global Strategic Management Project Type: Unit 2 Individual Project January 26, 2011
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2 Goldman Sachs is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. It specializes in investment banking, trading and securities transaction services, and asset management. Opportunities External factors of the SWOT analysis are the most important opportunities and threats that are facing the company. Under the opportunities, first Goldman Sachs officially made Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP the independent registered public accounting firm. This is a reputable accounting firm that the stockholders agreed would benefit the firm. It was thought as a strategic alliance because the companies would both benefit from each other’s services. The next opportunity was the appointing of Michael Evans to a broader role as head of emerging markets. This would help expansions in developing economies such as China. Another opportunity is that the firm has very few competitors and therefore has more pricing power. Significant pricing power, as measured by consumer willingness to pay more to meet their desires, is the highest of all industries. Goldman Sachs has developed a competitive advantage to hold customers captive and enable consistent revenue growth. Goldman Sachs has also incorporated technology in its recent opportunities. It recently joined forces with the Russian company Digital Sky Technologies to invest $500 million in Facebook. They are also expected to raise $1.5 billion from investors. This has raised some questions from the Securities and Exchange Commision, because they are not allowing US
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Huff Lorraine Unit 2 IP - 1 Lorraine Huff American...

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