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KC Culver English 106 G1, H1 Office : Writing Center Director’s Office Office Hours : F 12-2 PM and by appointment; always make an appointment to ensure we have enough time to meet. Phone: 305-284-2956 Email : [email protected] Dizzy with Disney M-I-C (See you real soon!) K-E-Y (Why? Because we like you!) M-O-U-S-E. Disney has pervaded popular culture since the company’s inception in 1923. Producing the first-ever animated feature film, The Disney Company has changed the way we think about many aspects of culture—among them film, television, music, vacation, theme parks, consumer products, and customer service. Through analysis of academic writing about Disney as well as primary and secondary research into the world of Disney, this course will take a multi- disciplinary approach to expose the vast influence of Disney on popular culture. The goals of the course include the development of close and critical readings of texts; the increased ability to use textual evidence to support an argument or interpretation; the appropriate incorporation of secondary sources; and the development of both stylistic grace and intellectual sophistication in writing. All of the writing for this course goes through extensive revision. Students should expect to see their own work presented to the class for discussion and analysis. Student writing will often be the other texts we will analyze, as examples of well written work, and will be used as models for revision. Group and Class Workshops are like my tests. Take them seriously. Students will submit their comments on peer drafts and workshops for review. Required Texts and Materials: All texts are available through Blackboard and Library Course Reserves. You MUST print out a copy of each reading to bring to class. Blank DVD for Multimedia project Notebook for in-class writing assignments Folder for handouts and readings Note: The readings we will work with during the semester are located on Blackboard, the electronic content management system for this course and/or available on the internet. You will need to be able to log-in to Blackboard and to print each reading to bring to class. Expectations: In order to do well in this class, all essays must be revised, reworked, and rethought. Use the comments you receive as guides to rewrite your work. You should revise all essays after workshop and peer review, before turning them in to me. You will have the opportunity revise 2 essays after I’ve graded them. There will be no quizzes or exams in this course. In fulfilling the above requirements, your efforts will be reflected in the quantity and quality of writing you submit and with efforts you show throughout the semester. It is essential that you participate in this community of writers, discuss reading assignments, learn to give and
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Course Policies - KC Culver English 106 G1 H1 Office...

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