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ENG 106: Lens Project Using Bahktin as a lens for Disney How does Disney create an atmosphere of carnival in its vacation experience? Bakhtin applies the theory of carnival to literature and literary genre. For this project, you should choose a few specific claims from “Carnival and Carnivalesque” to apply as a lens to the Disney experience. In applying the reading as a lens, think about how the notion of carnival both fits and does not fit the Disney experience. Use both what fits and what does not fit to develop your analysis of Disney. A successful lens will not try to apply every aspect of the reading to every aspect of Disney. Therefore, it is important that you tightly focus your analysis of both subjects. However, I don’t want you to limit yourselves to one park (as in the Multimedia Project). You might choose to focus on a few particular attractions or experiences you can have at Disney, including those of Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island, Disney Quest, Disney hotels, Disney water parks, etc. In order to successfully apply Bahktin as a lens, you will first have to carefully analyze this text.
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