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Multimedia Project - tour of the park One of your decisions...

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ENG 106: Multimedia Project For this project, your group will create a multimedia text that analyzes one of Disney’s theme parks. Your goal is to demonstrate how the Imagineers that create the park make deliberate choices that affect the way visitors experience it. You might consider how the park is laid out, what attractions it includes, how the attractions operate, what décor suggests, what names suggest, etc. You want to think about what message these factors sends, how the audience is consciously and unconsciously persuaded of those messages, and how effective that persuasion is. As you work, consider how Fernandez provides an argument about EPCOT (albeit an EPCOT of fifteen years ago, one which you probably never saw). Use her approach as a kind of model; you do not need to reference her explicitly in the text. Your project will necessarily include both visuals and text. You should assume that your audience is not familiar with the park, and provide not only an analysis, but also some kind of
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Unformatted text preview: tour of the park. One of your decisions will be how to combine visuals and text in the most effective way to provide a thorough presentation of the park. As McLuhan says, “The message is the medium.” You might consider using resources like the Disney website, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook in addition to textual resources like travel guides and brochures to gather information and visuals. The rough cut of the project will be due in mid-November; by that time, you should have your medium chosen, you visuals chosen, and your text created. You will be able to workshop these with the class to gain feedback. Anticipate doing the final version after the workshop. For training purposes, you can visit the Digital Media Lab, who provides assistance with iMovie and iDVD, although you are welcome to use any medium and any software you find appropriate....
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