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ENG 106: Research Project The Disney Corporation encompasses a wide variety of ventures that range from filmmaking to management courses. For this assignment, you will choose one aspect of the corporation that interests you and look at it from a specific disciplinary perspective. Disciplines that you might consider include management, psychology, history, sociology, education, political science, architecture, urban planning, gender studies, economics, legal studies, and more; this list is not exhaustive. And you’re not limited to making the obvious disciplinary connection—for instance, you might want to look at the Disney Institute from a gender studies perspective, or look at the Fast Pass system from an economic point of view.
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Unformatted text preview: Putting your research into conversation with your own perspective, analyze some part of Disney. You should integrate 3-4 scholarly articles from one discipline into your work. You may also include more research from scholarly and popular sources, although you should not use more than 6 sources total. You may choose to build on work from one of your earlier projects, or you may choose to start fresh. In order to find scholarly articles within one discipline, begin your search through UM’s library here: Your final essay should be about 7-8 pages and should use MLA format....
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