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ENG 106 Project : Rhetorical Analysis of a Disney Film In class we’ve been examining how authors use certain techniques to make their work more persuasive. We’ve read about rhetorical analysis, including the frames of mind that lend themselves to answering the “so what?” by making the interpretive leap. We’ve watched Song of the South and practiced making interpretive leaps from observations, and we’ve seen how Miller and Rode analyze both Song of the South and The Jungle Book . This assignment asks you to extend Miller and Rode’s project in order to analyze a Disney film of your own choosing. As Miller and Rode argue, Disney films are predicated on binaries both implicit and explicit, including commentary on external factors of being human, including age, gender, and race; internal factors like foolishness and independence; and ways of presenting film, like animation/live action, sound/visuals. Your analysis should focus on a pattern you discover in your film that creates a binary, to examine the didactic effect of that pattern. You
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