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ENG 106: Schedule Weeks 1-6 (this schedule may change as needed) Week Date Class Activities Items due 1 8/25 Introduction to Disney; Expectations of course, syllabus, etc. 8/27 Rhetorical Analysis—what is it? SOTS, Part 1 WA Ch. 1 and p. 93-97 2 8/30 SOTS, Part 2 WA Ch. 4 9/01 Rhetorical Analysis discussion; Rubric/Workshop Assignment Short Rhetorical Analysis due; WA Ch. 5 9/03 The Movie You See Discussion; Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Reading: The Movie You See 3 9/06 LABOR DAY- No Classes 9/08 The Movie You See Discussion; Bring in project #1 proposal; MMP Project Assignment Rhetorical Analysis Project
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Unformatted text preview: Proposal 9/10 Jungle Book; Focus on Writing WA Ch. 7 4 9/13 Jungle Book, Part 2; Focus on writing WA Ch. 8 9/15 Focus on writing; Workshop Drafts and rubric due Workshop drafts and rubric for Rhetorical Analysis Project 9/17 Focus on writing 5 9/20 Discussion of drafts and rubric Workshop essays read and assessed 9/22 Peer review Peer Review Rhetorical Analysis Project 9/24 Double Vision Discussion Reading: Double Vision 6 9/27 Pancho Mickey discussion Reading: Pancho Mickey 9/29 Pancho Mickey discussion 10/01 MMP Work Day...
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